Reflection of Topic 1

It was the first time I heard digital visitors and residents until last week I did topic 1 blog. For me, as a non-native speaker, I have a deep feeling for Prensky’s digital natives and immigrants concept which I mentioned in my blog. I always adapt to environment and everything is brand new for me. I have accent and always translate English to my mother language when I am thinking which is so similar with those people who are called digital immigrants. What’s more, when I understood the meaning of digital visitors and residents I think I am digital resident undoubtedly. And it made me easy to understand the definition and had lots of minds to consider deeper meaning of them.

I learnt a lot from my peers’ blog post as well. Everyone has their interesting points and ways to explain what they understood to digital visitors and residents even the pictures they use are also very creative. from their posts, not only the exchange of points of view, I felt there is a huge gap between my peers and me whatever points, logical thinking or grammar. Especially Arthur’s post, I really enjoyed his post because he gave a special point and use a special way to explain. The picture he used and explanation is so original. He used the picture of spectrum and explained “himself as a near full resident, through extensive use of social media and more mundane uses of the internet”(Arthur’s post).

Overall, I really enjoyed this topic. And although I didn’t do well in this topic, I think I could do better from peers’ comments and posts. Also, many thanks for my peers who commented me which gave me lots of advices. Looking forwards next topic!

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