Topic 2: Is It Good or Bad of Having Many online identities

Nowadays, people have already went into digital era. For many people, internet is not just a tool when they need to use anymore. Internet has gradual became a “world”. Aleks Krotoski said the old web, a place where identity could remain separate from real life, is rapidly disappearing from the computer screen. People willing to set up the online identities and live in the internet “world” which connect to their real life. However, unlike in real life, people not only could set up one online identity, but is it good or bad that have many online identities?

Except authenticity identity, anonymity is a kind of online identity which cope with the fear of exposure and overexposure. It protects those people who wonder say what they want but cannot exposure like the speech of Chinese dissidents, Iranian protestors, and corporate whistleblowers. It help people share they are afraid to share when they using their authenticity identity(Jeff Jarvis,2011). Julia Allison believes that we should maintain many identities—one for work, another for school, another for home, another for friends. You never want your parents see you drink whole night’s post. Therefore, having many identities is a good way to manage your online activities. If you just have one online identity, you have to keep your web form professional even you are being person. Because you never know who is googling you(jetsetshow,2010).

But anonymity is not perfect. It is much easier to attack people online, spreading rumors and lies about public figures, sabotaging a politician’s Wikipedia page, or saying stupid stuff in the comments on my blog(Julia Allison). Last mouth, a Chinese actor suicide because severe depression. The reason why he suffered depression is cyber-bullying and he couldn’t afforded it. These anonymities who participated in this cyber-bullying are not liable for what they say but cyber-bullying is really horrible. On the other hand, Aleks Krotoski believes that now people only want interactions that come from an authentic identity.


If you chatted with a Facebook account but you realize this account is fake including photos and personal information, you must be think you are cheated. It is a quitebad feeling. Therefore, in an online world where major players such as Google and Facebook shut down any profiles that appear to not be linked to an offline identity it is clear that whatever we do online is now inherently connected to our real world self. What’s more, Weibo, a Chinese social media which is similar with Twitter begins to carry out real-name system. If people who spread rumors and repeat over 500 times they will be imprisoned 15 days.

Having one or many identities both have their good and bad. I think only we use them in rules and laws, there is not better one.


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3 thoughts on “Topic 2: Is It Good or Bad of Having Many online identities

  1. Hi,

    What drew me too your blog was your feature image, and it intrigued me on what sort of angle you were going to take on the overall separation of online identity.

    In terms of the positives, applying it to your everyday life, like saying you don’t want your parents to see you drinking, made me think about how we actually split our real life into different personalities. For example around my friends I’m not the same as I’m with my family.

    One thing you could consider is how we separate ourselves and our identity over different platforms. This is because we try and play up to different audiences, e.g. Instagram we want to be more creative whereas LinkedIn more professional and is an angle that would work well with what you have discussed.

    All in all, a very good post with some very good demonstration between reality and online!


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