Reflection of Topic 2

The online identity issue is not unfamiliar to me. As a “native speaker” of the internet, I also played the different role on the internet for a long time. l use my authentic identity on Facebook since I need to communicate with my real life friend. But when I play online games, I definitely use a nickname to protect my personal information from strangers. But when I know someone on the internet, I would like to know who he really  is, his age and even where he live. It probably sounds contradictory, but I believe that most people just curious about others but tell less about themselves in the same time.

I really like Davina Appiagyei’s post because she supported her point of view with strong logic and clean analysis.And she insistences on her idea which is anonymity is harmful. Unlike her, my post is too balance to talk about advantages and disadvantages of having many online identities. However, I have different point with her, but it is also the reason why we need to read other peers’ posts that we could consider deeper of the topic. Accounting to my post, I think anonymity are not just harmful because it cope with the fear of exposure and overexposure.

From Davina Heer’s post, it made me consider online identity from different perspectives. I also agree with her point ‘that the different social accounts reflect different parts of our personas.’ which I didn’t think about it before. It represent the model how people act online, and I am no except.

The topic of this week made us consider about an essential question:  “Who we are”. From the comment, my peer gave me a deeper discussion: “How we separate ourselves and our identity over different platforms”. It is quite interesting to me since it is an important part of modern society.


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