Reflection of Topic 3

I think this week’s topic is really useful for me because online professional profile have already became a trend which we cannot avoid to use after graduation. Before doing this week topic I still thought traditional way of recruiting is the main stream. When I doing the foundation year my teacher used to teach us how to make a perfect resume, and it made me think a good resume is the only way to attacked recruiters. However, when these data about how important of online professional profiles are front of my eyes, I have to say paper CV era is coming to an end. And online professional profiles will become more and more important with the development of internet.

My peers’ posts this week is also gave different ideas which are quite interesting. Especially Tobie used the picture of “Trump” which is the most popular topic this week and  immediately attracted me. And he thinks blogs is a good way to showcase creativity, passion and dedication but only played a small part of recruiting which I am so agree with him. I think the primary cause is there is only small part of people use blogs now. In other words, blog has already out of style.

Harry also did a good blog this week. He break traditional form of blog which is suit what he what to express – clear and concise information should be available at a ‘quick glance’. He used very brief sentences to highlight how to create the online professional profiles. And the advices he gave are very useful.

This week’s topic really let me learnt a lot. Looking forward next week!

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It Is important to create online professional profiles

Since the coming of Internet era, CV is not adequate now for applying a job. Though a good CV is able to show your information in a format way. However, nowadays, some recruiters not only focus on your ability to work but also care about your personality to consider if you fit the job or not. Thus, having a professional profile online can make a huge different. Because it can demonstrate many aspects about your personality. It may also bring a higher possibility of getting a new job.



As I mentioned in last topic, you never know who is googling you. So it is important to build a professional online profile.


What’s more, according to the Jobtive 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, over 93% of recruiters will review a candidate’s social profile before making a hiring decision. They would like to mainly review candidates’ professional experience, length of professional tenure, specific hard skills and mutual connections. I have written resume before. I was required only use one page to describe myself. It is hard because I only could use simple words and could not show me as a perfectly way. However, social profile is quite different. You can maximizing show your strengths and make recruiters know more about you. It is a place where you can sell your career story, creating a way to advertise yourself as a brand(Maike Hennig, 2015).




There are 73% of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media and LinkedIn is responsible for 79%(Jobtive, 2014). More than 300 million people in over 200 countries are using LinkedIn and it has became one of the most important and valued sites to connect employers and recruiters(Maike Hennig, 2015). LinkedIn provides one of the best platform to promote yourself as a professional. You can share your achievements, details about work experiences and other information to everyone you are connected with include head-hunters and recruiters who might be looking for someone like you. LinkedIn is also a good place that you can easy to find the job what you prefer. Because it could recommend you the job which are match your requires and you can visit company page or connect to them. Also, when you google your name, if you have a LinkedIn account it will rank really well on google. Therefore, it is a good for recruiters to know more about you(Kinley McFadden,2014).

This is a video about How to Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile I would like to share with you.






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