Reflection of Topic 4

This week’s topic is very interesting that made me want to consider more about it. It is a very popular topic in the present because the relationship between parents and kids is a big problem that every family should face it. Trough my research, I found that it is really a difficult choice for parents because the safety of kids is important which we cannot ignore it and we don’t have second time to save our kids when they encounter risks. In the meantime, we never want to see rebellion of kids as well. Therefore,  communication is particularly important for parents and kids. Parents should teach kids how to protect themselves and tell them variety situations of they probably encounter risks. And I think when parents use gentle way to educate their kids, kids are willing to connect with their parents more as well. I used to be sped on my parents. They checked my cellphone and controlled me. I was so rebellious at that time. But when they didn’t control me anymore, instead, I became tractable gradually.

What’s more, I learnt a lot through my peers’ blog this week. They have different point of views from me which made me have different ideas on ethical issues. Form Hei Lam’s blog, I really enjoyed how Hei Lam explained “panopticon” which is really interesting. From the post, panopticon is a design that makes inmates believe that they could be watched at any moment and anywhere, even when no one was actually watching them. I think this topic is quite relevant to topic 2. We always be cautious when we active online for avoiding some “conscientious” even not anyone are spy on ours at all. And this is what Hei Lam tried to explain.

From Allie’s post, Allie talked about the problem of our personal information security. I think it is a very serious problem in the presents because we leave  a large amount of information online but we don’t know whether will be stolen and used in the illegal way. In China, it did happened. But as Allie said, it is unavoidable.

Overall, I really enjoy this week’s topic!



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Topic 4: Should Parents Spy On Their Kids?


With the social network spring up among young people, young people prefer share their life and keep their own secrets to avoid their parents know them. However, for children’s security, parents want to monitor their kids which they think it is a effective way to prevent from their children encountering risks or doing bad things. But is it right? Should parents spy on their kids?  According to the National Center


for Missing and Exploited Children, 1 in 7 kids receive some kind of sexual solicitation online at some point, and over half of those solicited are asked to send a picture of themselves. This statistic proves there’s a very real danger to anyone under the age of 17 on the Internet. And Ryan thinks that it is very irresponsible of any parents who are not monitor what their children use online and make sure their children are stay in safety. The minors are lack of mature and judgment which makes them easy to trust cybercriminals. And cybercriminals use this to cheat their money, personal information even nude photos. We cannot say it is all children’s fault, they just do not have enough experiences and think this world is beautiful. This is also the reason why parents should spy on their children. There were some incidents happened in China. Some young people wanted to suicide and they posted that they wanted to end their lives on the social media even some people lived the process of suiciding. What if their spy on their children? These young people probably save from death.


People who against spy on children is they think children have human rights as well and privacy should be one of them. Adolescents need to separate and individuate. What that means is that they want to have a life of their own, and adolescence is really about preparing them for that(James Lehman,2016). Justin thinks that even if parents spy on their children every online activities, children will find ways around it. Unless imprison children in a room and stop them contact with any others. Children will try various devices to dodge spy by parents. They can use their friends’ phones or computers or public WiFi hotspots or proxies to get around parents’ parental controls and they will never be able to fully control everything child does. If parents just spy on their children all the time, children probably want to rebel and attempt bad things outside their parents’ watch(Justin, 2013). Therefore, it is important that educate children what should do rather than spy on them. It is also parents’ responsibility to explain why they shouldn’t talk to strangers and the dangers on the internet(Zack Whittaker, 2013).




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