Reflection of Topic 4

This week’s topic is very interesting that made me want to consider more about it. It is a very popular topic in the present because the relationship between parents and kids is a big problem that every family should face it. Trough my research, I found that it is really a difficult choice for parents because the safety of kids is important which we cannot ignore it and we don’t have second time to save our kids when they encounter risks. In the meantime, we never want to see rebellion of kids as well. Therefore,  communication is particularly important for parents and kids. Parents should teach kids how to protect themselves and tell them variety situations of they probably encounter risks. And I think when parents use gentle way to educate their kids, kids are willing to connect with their parents more as well. I used to be sped on my parents. They checked my cellphone and controlled me. I was so rebellious at that time. But when they didn’t control me anymore, instead, I became tractable gradually.

What’s more, I learnt a lot through my peers’ blog this week. They have different point of views from me which made me have different ideas on ethical issues. Form Hei Lam’s blog, I really enjoyed how Hei Lam explained “panopticon” which is really interesting. From the post, panopticon is a design that makes inmates believe that they could be watched at any moment and anywhere, even when no one was actually watching them. I think this topic is quite relevant to topic 2. We always be cautious when we active online for avoiding some “conscientious” even not anyone are spy on ours at all. And this is what Hei Lam tried to explain.

From Allie’s post, Allie talked about the problem of our personal information security. I think it is a very serious problem in the presents because we leave  a large amount of information online but we don’t know whether will be stolen and used in the illegal way. In China, it did happened. But as Allie said, it is unavoidable.

Overall, I really enjoy this week’s topic!



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