Goodbye UOSM2033…

Before I learnt Living and Working on the Web I always think I have already familiar with internet skills. It is easy for me to find what I want on the internet and I have a kind of confidence because my parents always come to ask me how to use smartphone or computer. However, when I started to learn this module I found the skills I master are childish and what I face is a huge challenge.

The Greatest Progress For Me

The biggest problem for me is my weak language. I cannot express myself perfectly and sometimes language is inappropriate or causes confusion to the reader.

%e5%b1%8f%e5%b9%95%e5%bf%ab%e7%85%a7-2017-01-08-17-41-55(This is professor’s valuation)

Actually, I felt quite nervous to write a 400-words blog at first. From my self test, it is not hard to see I was very weak at Accessing, managing and evaluating online information and Accessing, managing and evaluating online information. I did not have any idea and creativity when I facing an English blog(I think it is because I am not confident). What is more, as a foreigner, when I search for information and look those colorful and a great many words articles I felt I am reading hieroglyphics and could not pay attention to them.


But I am making progress all the time! I started to more and more familiar with skill of searching information. And the post also became clear and creative in the meantime. What is more, I didn’t know blog actually could be visualization. In my blog the posts only have words and I was criticized by professor. But now, although I cannot do it perfectly I think I have already made a progress even make images by myself.

The Development Of My Online Profiles

Because of some reasons, many social medias which are quite popular such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are banned to use in China. Therefore, when I came to UK, these social media is brand new for me and I have to learn how to use them from start. During this period, not only I manage my WordPress blog well, I created many social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have grown from a Digital Visitors in UK who are only search information on the internet but still use Chinese social media to a Digital Resident.

And there is one topic which impressed me is Topic 3 – It Is important to create online professional profiles. I created Linkedin account two years ago but never manage it. As you can see in my self test, I even thought I was good at manage my online identities before.


So when I finished this topic, I went to Linkedin and tried to make my Linkedin more professional. As you can see, I finished the parts of summary, experience and education.



What UOSM2033 Means To Me


Living and working on the web is a total different course with others. It breaks the rules and we didn’t have lecture. We have to do our own working online and communicate with peers. I really enjoy this module style and I think the knowledges I learnt never less than other modules which we need to go to lecture. And I think these knowledges I leant will benefit me for life. Next, I hope I can more concerned about some topics of internet though the module immediately to the end. Now I have to say goodbye UOSM2033…







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